Stressed Women Unrealistic Expectations And Perceptions of Who We Are

Stressed women are everywhere, in the home, in the office, walking down every street.Why? Well of course there are many reasons why stress becomes a part of our daily lives but women have a particular form of anxiety all of their own, it’s called “female stress mismanagement”.
I will try to explain what this is.
Women tend to be far more social than men and this is a good thing when it comes to stress.
For instance they are far more likely to talk about their problems to friends and relatives then men. However this very dependence on other people can actually lead to emotional stress of another kind.

Love Me, Love Me!

Women tend to be more worried about what other people think of them:
  • Do I look good all the time?
  • Do people like me?
  • Do I have the cleanest home?
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