What To Do When You Disagree

Solving conflicts between two people can be very challenging—especially if you are one of the two people. With different points of view, different personalities and often different desired outcomes, conflicts are bound to arise on occasion. Verbal combat can leave you mentally and physically exhausted, stressed, hurt and upset. Conflicts are a source of ruination in marriages, friendships, families and business organizations. Finding ways to solve conflicts amicably is a healthier goal to pursue. Here are strategies you will find helpful to solve conflicts when they arise.
  • Are you trying to prove your point or improve the relationship?
When we get involved in a conflict with another person, we often find the argument centers around differing points of view. Each side thinks that their perspective is the right way of seeing things. In a conflict, are you trying to prove that you are right and the other person is wrong? Just like when you were young and found yourself quibbling with your younger sibling?? In those instances, parents may have intervened to settle the differences or at least stop things before escalating into an all-out brawl.Read more...

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