De-Stress Yourself this Holiday Season

We all know the holidays can be stressful! Maybe you’re contemplating coming out to your family, or bringing your partner home to meet your folks for the first time. Maybe your relatives are not supportive, and you don’t feel safe or welcome at home. Or, maybe you’re in over your head with the list of people you have to buy gifts for. Whatever it is that is contributing to your stress, Howard Brown Health Center is looking out for you!

Top 10 Mental Health Tips for the Holidays

1. Be kind to yourself. Things can feel harder and lonelier around the holidays, especially if you feel isolated, forgotten or unsupported. Be kind to yourself, recognizing that some ordinary things will take extra time and patience. Plan for the added stress and fatigue you may feel, and take extra good care of yourself.
2. More is not necessarily better. This applies to food, alcohol, chocolate, sex, family time and holiday events. Choose what you want in moderation. Read more...

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