If You Don’t Share Your Talents Today, You May Have Regrets Later

We all have natural abilities: things we’re particularly good at. Some have an ease with music, others with drawing or writing, mathematics, athletic activities, etc.
Talents are meant to be shared, and it’s a sad thing when they go wasted, or even worse, when they’re misused.
We should do our best with the abilities we have and work at making a valuable contribution to the world with them. Yet, many of us, if we’re honest, haven’t been doing the most with our talents.
Here are a few recommendations to remedy this:
  1. Identify your talents. What are you good at? What comes easily to you? Sometimes, we take for granted what comes easily to us, and assume that, if something is easy to us, it must be easy to others. Not so. Take time to identify your natural abilities.
  2. Develop your talents. Having talent is not enough. You must make the decision to develop them and commit to follow through. Talents shine the brightest when they are polished through focused and consistent work. Take responsibility for the development of your talents.
  3. Focus on your talents. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s talents; coveting someone else’s talents doesn’t help yours flourish. Celebrate other people’s talents, and share yours so others can enjoy what you have to offer. Read more...

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