Is stress making you fat? Adrenal balance and weight loss

Whether it’s tension at work, a relationship in turmoil, caring for a sick family member, or some other draining responsibility — we all know that when things get tough, it can feel comforting to eat. Certainly over the long-term this quick-fix will lead to extra pounds, but it’s not the only reason stress causes us to gain more weight.
There are actual physiological changes that happen in the body during times of stress that can predispose us to pack on more pounds than when we aren’t stressed. These changes are rooted in our adrenal glands, which govern the stress response and many other fundamental bodily functions. When the adrenals are out of balance, the body prepares for disaster the best way it knows how — by storing calories. Yet if we restore the adrenals to their normal, healthy function, cravings disappear, energy returns, and stubborn pounds fall away without too much effort.
As our lives become increasingly more demanding, let’s stop and take a closer look at how stress affects your weight so you can finally get rid of those stubborn pounds and get back to feeling like yourself. Read more...

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