Managing Your Child’s Emotional Health

Causes of childhood stress
Although it may be hard to imagine, children can and do get affected by stress. Even infants can become distressed if, for example, they sense a parent’s stress or anxiety. The causes of stress in children can be internal or external and range from separation anxiety to hearing about something scary in the news to academic and social pressures.
Signs of stress in children
It is important to be on the lookout for signs of stress in your child. These can range from behavior changes such as mood swings or clinginess, physical changes such as stomach aches and headaches, academic changes such as changes in performance or trouble concentrating, and many more. It can be hard to determine if your child is stressed, acting out, or just growing up. However, if you are concerned, go with your instinct and try to find out if something is bothering your child.
What you can do
Where to start
If you think your child is acting out of the ordinary, the first step is to talk to him. Sometimes children can easily verbalize what’s on their mind. Next, talk to his teachers, coaches, or others he interacts with regularly, even friends if he is older, and find out if anyone else has noticed and changes in your child. Finally, talk to both your child’s school counselor and pediatrician about your concerns and what you should do. Read more...

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