Nature’s sleeping aids — a dream come true

 We race from one task to the next during the day only to find that when we settle in to bed at night, the race isn’t over. Now it’s our minds that are spinning along — worrying about what we left undone and need to do tomorrow, what we said or should have said, read on the internet, saw on TV, or talked about on our cell phones. It’s no secret that we are living in a faster-paced world than ever before — but our bodies haven’t adapted to this lifestyle.
Sound sleep is so crucial to our health and happiness! And if you can’t sleep, there could be many emotional and physical causes. One prevailing theme I see is the connection between insomnia and stress. Our stress hormones are intimately linked to our circadian rhythm. I’ve talked to so many women taking Tylenol PM, Lunesta, or Ambien, but these sleeping pills and other drugs don’t address the root cause of sleeplessness, and can often make us feel worse in the morning.
The good news is that you can reset your sleep-wake cycle. Nature has provided plenty of safe and effective ways to gently remind the body to rest. We can help you get to the root of your sleeping trouble, and offer some safe, natural sleep help in the meantime. Let’s take a closer look.

Chamomile —
a popular nightcap

It’s been estimated that over a million cups of chamomile tea are consumed daily!

Herbs for sleep

I’ve been using herbs in my practice for decades with wonderful results, and I’m thrilled that more and more practitioners are offering them to their patients as well. For centuries wise women have treasured the following herbs for their calming influence, and phytochemists today are busy exploring and explaining the mechanics of how they support better sleep. Read more...

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