Ten Tips for the Young Professional Woman

Is there such a thing as a stress-free career path?  Probably not but at least we should try to minimize stress while working as much as we can.  It is a fact that most of us have to work to pay the bills.  We invest a lot of our time making a living so, doesn’t it make sense that if we are going to invest so much of our precious time earning money, can’t we try to find work we enjoy?  Can we develop a life that is fulfilling for professional ambitions, personal enjoyment and family connections?  I want to offer some advice from my many years in the workforce.  Hopefully, some of the information will make sense to you and offer some strategies for crafting a more stress-free career path.  So here is my list of 10 strategies to build a successful (and hopefully stress-free) career.

Know thyself.
You really can not know what type of career to choose until you take a honest look at yourself.  Identify the strengths that you can bring to a job, the weaknesses that need to be improved and your genuine interests.  Be honest with who you are.   As you set your goals in life- make certain that they are your goals that you are trying to accomplish for your own self-worth, not for family members, friends or colleagues.  Choose a career because it is the right fit with your personality and a career in which you believe. There is nothing worse than working in a job you hate.  One other thing about personal assessment–don’t forget identifying your learning style.  How do you like to learn new information?  On the job learning is important and constant, and if you find that your style of learning does not match that of the job you are pursuing, you will be frustrated and stressed.   Through your assessment, you should be able to identify what your competencies are knowledge-wise; what your skills are that you use with job performances; and what your abilities are that you can add to your organization.  This unique combination that you possess is your competitive edge and indicates why an employer should hire you. Read more...

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