What Every Woman Should Know About Stress

Women have more pressure on them than ever before. A majority of married women with young children try to balance outside work and home responsibilities. This is not even considering the struggles that single mothers face since they are the sole provider of their families. Regardless of the demands of life, combating stress is possible. Women need to understand the root cases behind their stress, what it can do to their bodies, and how to defend themselves against its negative effects.

Common Causes of Stress in Women

Aside from the fact that most women juggle between career and family life, there are other issues that women deal with more than men. Many women tend to want to please others and find it more difficult to say no to requests than most men do. Some women also have the tendency to feel guilty for taking time for themselves when they could be taking care of someone else. This self-sacrificing behavior is extremely common among women, and it takes a toll on the physical and emotional health of the female population.

Stress and a Woman's Body

Chronic stress increases the risks for a number of conditions including backaches, high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, ulcers and headaches. Other physical risks include skin disorders, infection, and eating disorders.

Hormonal changes in a woman's body can increase a female's vulnerability to feelings of stress. This can vary with hormone levels throughout a monthly menstrual cycle and throughout the stages of life. Women may experience a heightened susceptibility to stress post-partum. This is especially true of nervous new mothers. Those undergoing menopause may experience changes in their stress levels as well. Read more...

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