Accept the dualities of life and find peace

If you harbour worries like your childhood is gone, or your loved ones are no more, or the time you experienced in the past will never happen again, think again. Probably, an endless number of times, you have been born as the same person, had the same parents, gone to the same school and college, married the same person, and lived the same life.
If you think that you are living and the chair on which you are sitting is a dead object, think again. Probably, one day, they were living and you were dead and again one day, they will be alive and it is you who would be dead.
Then, if you think that you are responsible for each and every action that you take in life, then think again. Probably, what you call as 'I' or your body is not you alone, but a combination of endless organisms and factors both within and outside your body. In other words, your body alone consists of trillions of microbes or bacteria without which it cannot survive, apart from trillions of cells. Every thought that enters your mind or every decision that you take, might be a collective effort of all these endless organisms and factors both within and outside your body. Yet, you think you alone are responsible for all your actions.
In fact, your life may be just like a film on a video cassette which is being played over and over, again and again, endlessly. Every time it is played, it is your life, and every time it is rewinded, it is your death. Every time, it is played, you think it is for the first time, as you do not remember your past. You also feel that you are responsible for whatever is happening.
Just one side of the story
The main idea behind the above instances is that we tend to look at only one side of the story or one side of the coin, missing the whole. Every time you look at the coin, you see only one side, either heads or tails. But the truth is that the coin consists of two sides and one cannot exist without the other.`
Another example is that when you give alms to a beggar or feed street dogs or monkeys, you think that you have done a noble act. Once again, you are only looking at one side of the coin. What is noble for you may be a big nuisance for your neighbours and it is not surprising the government discourages all these activities and has declared them illegal. If you carefully analyse every act, then you will find that every act has an equal amount of good and evil, or you will find that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Read more...

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