Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Here are some lifestyle habits that can help you to maintain balance and stability in your emotional life.
1) Find ways to create structure/routine in your daily activities. Optimal amounts of structure seem to decrease anxiety and help stabilize emotions.
2) Find ways to connect to the natural world. Whether it's watching a moonrise over a mountain peak, a sunset over the ocean, or simply taking a leisurely walk in your city park, spending time in nature can elicit a healing connection to Mother Earth.
3) Part of connecting to nature means getting enough exposure to natural light. Many spiritual paths teach that God and light are one and the same. For those people who are light-sensitive, inadequate exposure to light can create depressive syndromes such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you live in a dark climate and suffer from SAD, use full-spectrum lights or halogen lamps to enhance your exposure to light. An hour of exposure to outdoor light in the early morning can also make a difference. Some people find that lighting candles on a dark winter's day brings warmth and coziness to the environment.
4) Find ways to reduce the stress in your life. Take time to rest and regenerate so that you do not overextend yourself with too many projects or commitments. Because our culture puts so much emphasis on doing, it is important to schedule in periods of time to relax and just "be." You may wish to meditate, walk, listen to your favorite music, or engage in a hobby where you can relax in a focused way. Read more...

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