Living in the Present

Living in the present means that you become focused on the present moment, aware of what is happening to you, what you are doing, and what you are feeling and thinking.
With this point of view, you look at situations as they are, without coloring them with your past experiences. Living in such a way, makes it easier to deal with whatever you are doing at the present moment. You see things as they are, without being influenced by fears, anger, desires or attachments.
Watch the thoughts that flow through your mind. What are they?
  • Are you trying to relive the past?
  • Maybe you are reassessing past behavior or events?
  • Maybe you are thinking how it would have been, if you acted differently.
  • Are you enacting past events in your mind?
    Even thoughts and daydreams about the future are colored by past experiences.
If your past experiences of relationships were pleasant and positive, that is how you going to think about your future relationships. If the experiences were negative, that is how you are going to visualize your future. It is always the past recreating your life.
You probably think sometimes about what someone told you, how someone treated you, how you did this or that. It is always about the past. You are letting the past captivate you and influence your behavior. Reliving the past is recreating it constantly. You are not letting change enter your life. It is all right to recreate the past if it was pleasant, but why repeat in your mind if it was unpleasant? Read more...

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