Physical Self-Care

Our body is a temple for the living spirit. If we are to experience wholeness and vitality, it is important that we take care of and honor our body's needs. Being in good health will enhance your ability to do the remaining steps of this program.

Diet and Nutrition

Good nutrition supports the optimal functioning of your brain and body. To insure that you are meeting your nutritional needs, eat a balanced diet of healthy foods. Eating as much organic produce as possible will help to minimize the intake of chemicals and preservatives which can cause problems in sensitive individuals.
Another part of nutritional self-care is cutting back on the sweets. Studies have shown that too much sugar can foster anxiety as well as depression. Reducing intake of sugar may also bolster your immune system, reduce allergies and cut the risk of diabetes and reactive hypoglycemia.
Finally, there seems to be a loose connection between depression and food sensitivities. Although no one has proven that allergies can cause depression, it seems reasonable to assume that allergies can aggravate a depressive condition since both conditions are known to involve similar biochemical imbalances (low norepinephrine and high acetylcholine levels). Common food allergens include dairy products, wheat, and corn. If you think you have food allergies, consult a doctor who specializes in allergies or environmental medicine. Read more...

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