The Power of Concentration - Practising Concentration Exercises

Sharpening the needle of concentration requires practice, as everything else in life.
Do you go to the gym? If you do, how many times a week and for how long?
Have you studied a foreign language? If you did, for how long did you practice, until you had a basic knowledge of the language?
It is the same with developing your concentration. You need training and practice. Even only ten minutes a day of concentration exercises will do you good.
Your mind does not like discipline, and will resist your efforts to discipline it. It loves its freedom more than anything else, and won't let you master it. It will make you forget to do the exercises, tempt you to postpone performing them, or make you feel too lazy. It will find many tricks to occupy your attention with something else.
The choice is yours, to be mastered by the mind and its whims, or to be its master.
Below, you will a few simple concentration exercises. By practicing mental exercises, it is possible to train the mind and master it, and put it in its proper place, as your servant, and not as your boss and master.
You are not the mind, nor the thoughts that pass through it. Though it might be hard to accept this idea, the mind is not you, the real you, but only a tool that you use. It is an instrument, which has great value, but it has to be taught to obey you. Read more...

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