We all have a Tiger and Pi within us

The recently released movie, ‘Life of Pi’ based on the book by Yann Martel, is a learning experience, says CHETAN CHAITANYA
 "When you look into others’ eyes, you see only your own emotions reflected back at you,” says Mr Patel, Little Pi's father, in the movie, 'Life of Pi'.
This statement clearly conveys that notions of the “other” arise from psychoanalytic theories of object relations; the ‘other’ signifies everything that the Self is not and stands as an obstacle to unity and social cohesion.
The movie Life of Pi is full of such wonderful thought-provoking statements and conversations. For those who watch the movie with a spiritual perspective, it is certain that the feeling that washes over the viewer is very similar to what one feels at the end of meditation.
Life of Pi is all about the struggle of Pi, a seventeen year old young boy who finds himself cast in the middle of the Pacific ocean. He spends 227 days at sea in a life boat with a Bengal tiger for company. Though it seems like an adventurous story, the movie is all about faith and belief in the supernatural power we call God. It symbolises the spiritual journey of a human being. Read more...

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