Three Golden Rules Of Wise Living

What really matters in the end, said Gautama Buddha, is, “How well did you love; how fully did you live and how deeply did you let go?”
All the three are golden rules of wise living. Here, ‘let go’ means renouncing with full clarity and determination those aspects of life which are a deterrent to a full, wholesome life. Life goes on inexorably and before we can comprehend and appreciate its functioning and profundity, it is time for our exit. In our ignorance and ego, we spend an entire lifetime trapped in negativities and self-defeating behavioural patterns. Broadly, we remain ensnared in endless desires, undue attachments, coloured visions about others and the past and future.
‘Letting go’ is a slow and arduous process that cannot be achieved overnight. As one traverses life and advances in age, experience and wisdom, the anomalies of one’s life become lucid. Once identified, it is easier to make a conscious effort to surmount them. Read more...

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