A flexible six-week plan for feeling calmer, slimmer and full of energy

A flexible six-week plan for feeling calmer, slimmer and full of energy.
De-stress diet
Too much stress over too long a period not only depletes your body of nutrients, leaving it exhausted, it also alters your body's biochemistry, making it more likely to crave and overeat junk food and store weight.
The De-Stress Diet uses healthy, nutritious food to flip this system in your favour, so you have fewer cravings and produce a steady stream of feel-good chemicals naturally. As a bonus, you can lose weight and see your mood, skin and muscle tone improve.
Get the full De-Stress Diet recipes here.

How food and stress are related

  • High-sugar, low-soluble-fibre carbohydrates such as junk foods and refined grains heighten the energy and mood highs and lows caused by stress hormones. 
  • Too many carbohydrates from grains, beans, potatoes and refined sugars, and too few from vegetables, fruit and nuts, can lead to inflammation and a heightened insulin response, which adds to the fat storage caused by raised stress hormones.
  • A stressed brain is in dire need of continual sugar as fuel, as well as salt and processed fats. These foods initially make us feel better, but then lead to a mood drop, as well as more cravings and long-term weight gain. Read more...

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