55 Tips to Make Work More Fun

55 + 1 Tips to Make Work More Fun:
  1. Use your superpowers every single day!
  2. Take 60 seconds to think about your favorite moment at work.
  3. Invite a new co-worker out to lunch.
  4. Bring an extra dessert for your boss.
  5. Go out and buy a perfectly ripened piece of fruit.
  6. Give a small gift to all your co-workers that you handmade.
  7. Come up with a wild idea for the advertising department even if you aren’t in their department.
  8. Buy donuts for everyone
  9. Bring in orange juice for everyone
  10. Find an awesome joke online, memorize it and tell it to everyone.
  11. Don’t wear any underwear.
  12. Bring in freshly brewed sun tea.

  13. Make everyone a copy of your favorite music.
  14. Have a paper airplane contest. Whoever’s plane goes the farthest gets an extra 15 minute break.
  15. Wear two different colored socks, see if anyone notices. (step farther – different shoes)
  16. Give a friendly wink and a smile at someone that you know.
  17. Bake cupcakes for the office.
  18. Write a poem during lunch and print out a copy for everyone.
  19. Make everyone gather for a group photo.
  20. Compliment everyone that you interact with.
  21. Ask five people how they are feeling (really listen).
  22. Bring in a plant for your desk (workspace).
  23. Bring in stickers that a third grade teacher would have i.e. “You are Great,” and pass them out when someone does something good.
  24. Ask all your co-workers for their best joke. The best one gets a cup of coffee on you.
  25. Create a “show and tell” every Friday.

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