7 Tips to Overcome the Monday Blues

Arrrrrgh days (Mondays) are the most difficult transition for most of us. We just had two glorious days off doing stuff we chose to do. Now we are back at work and doing stuff other people are telling us to do. We all have to do stuff we don’t feel like doing. Even if you are the CEO, your share holders, board members and customers are telling you what to do.
By adjusting the way you view your experience, you have the ability to be happy on a Monday.
You have to take some of the control back and make yourself feel good. I’m not talking about eating chocolate cake. I’m talking about doing small things that can redirect your focus.
The C.A.P.A.S.C.H. Method
1. Call a friend and Talk about the Fun Topics
2. Allow Your Feelings be as They Are
3. Plan Your Day
4. Ask a Co-worker How Their Weekend Went
5. Stop Complaining
6. Clean Your Desk
7. Help a Co-worker
1. Call a Friend and Talk about Fun Topics.

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