8 Steps to Unlocking Your Superpowers

1. Ask your boss/supervisor what is your greatest superpower (actions that excite you, get you in the work zone and you are passionate about)? If s/he isn’t sure how to answer this then ask her/him what they think your greatest strength is.
I want you to do this because it engages your boss and makes them think about what you are good at. By letting your boss talk about you in this positive way you can start to plant a little seed inside her/his mind.
Here is a short sample script: (Adjust to fit your boss’s personality)
“I’ve been thinking about how I could improve my job performance and I could use your help. You’ve seen strengths that I’ve been able to leverage and some strengths I haven’t. I’m curious to your thoughts… What do you think is my greatest superpower?”
Then give a genuine smile, a second to let this soak in and wait and see what s/he says.

2. Think about what type of actions you do at work or could do that fit this superpower.

Once your boss explains what s/he thinks is your greatest superpower then it’s your turn to do a little work. What type of projects do you already do at work that align with this superpower? Also what projects could you do that would align with this superpower?
Make a list of 5 projects that you’ve worked on or could work on that fit with your superpower: Read more...

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