How to Discover Your Superpowers

A lot of people have been asking me, “What exactly is a superpower?” It’s time I gave you an answer.
So, over the past couple months I’ve talked a lot about developing your superpowers, but I never explained how to figure out what your superpowers are in the first place. The best way for me to do this is to start by asking you a few questions.
What do people come to you for?
The thing that people approach you about the most is a superpower. People love coming to you for this thing because they know you will do an amazing job. The most important aspect, though, is that you enjoy helping people with this thing.
Career superpowers are actions that come easily to you, are fun and can do them for hours on end. As you build your career, you probably will become more in tune with what your superpowers are. If you don’t, you will miss out on the opportunity to create leverage.

Your superpowers depend on three factors:

> Passion
> Focus
> Strengths

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