How to Write a Career List

Have you ever tried to run through a forest on a cloudy night? It’s nothing but pitch black and painful bruising. I have a scar above my left eye to prove it. All right, you caught me. I’m making that part up.
Did you imagine yourself running straight into a tree? That’s the first thing I imagined myself doing.
We often run through our career forest without lighting our own way.
A career list will help you run through a forest lit by Yankee stadium lights. It’s so bright that you can see every bug, stick and tree. By making your actions clear through measurable goals, you have a 99.99% chance of improving your life.
Chris Guillibreau of The Art of Non-Conformity wrote a post called “How to Write a Life List.” I wondered how this idea might be applied to work happiness.

What is a Career List?

Most of us set goals such as “be happy” or “earn more money,” but we leave out what matters most when trying to accomplish these goals – “the how.”
A career list helps you break down “the how” of a career.
When you break down your career into actionable chunks it makes any goal possible.
First you need to know what type of work makes you happy. This is tricky because most of the time we don’t really know what will make us happy. Check out Dan Gilbert’ss talk at TED. He explains that most of the time we are wrong about what will bring us joy. It’s why many of us don’t use our college degrees at our jobs. Read more...

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