Increase Your Energy : Clean, Tidy and Let Go!

Ever noticed how you rarely really feel like cleaning? But when you do, you always feel better? I sure do! What I’ve also noticed is that when something is bothering me or I am trying to figure something out in my life – say how to resolve a conflict with someone, or find a creative solution to a problem – cleaning helps. There is something about the state of mind I get into when I clean. Cleaning requires enough focus to keep my mind engaged, but not so much that I
In meditation, it helps to have a point of focus, like the breath, or the sensations in the body. And often during meditation I get insights or “aha” moments. Same with cleaning…by focusing my primary attention on the act of cleaning, it’s like my mind has the space to process emotions, consider different scenarios and weigh my options. It doesn’t matter if I am washing the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom, I tend to feel more connected to myself and how I really feel.
Another observation I’ve made is that the act of tidying up my room seems to help my outer life. It’s like by organizing my desk or my closet, everything else seems to fall into place.  All of a sudden my mood lightens, my perspective changes and I just feel better. I can’t even exactly pinpoint how it helps, it just that every time I tidy up my space, my mood instantly brightens and situations in my life seem to clear up their own, more easily then I thought they would. Of course, I’ve heard about Feng Shui, the Ancient art and Science from China; I haven’t studied the principles first hand – but I have noticed this first hand – everything flows better when my home and car are tidy. Read more...

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