Using a Stress Management Checklist to Survive and Thrive

The funny thing about stress management is that when people are under stress, they genuinely believe there is no time to be healthy, or relax. Yet, a simple 15 minute time investment or an adjustment in attitude is sometimes all it takes to keep it together, and even improve the experience. Interestingly, as little time as there seems to be in a busy, hectic schedule, people seem to find time “managing stress” in ways that actually drain them more, such as taking a cigarette break, having a drink, watching mindless TV,  emotional eating or ranting/complaining on the phone or through e-mail.
It’s helpful to actually consider some of things that would truly help, and generate a checklist of stress management choices.  The following are five examples of areas where you can choose to support your mental, emotional and physical needs during times of strain. Use these as a check-in tool, to see if you have made choices to support yourself. Even if you think you have zero time to devote to one of these items, you’ll be surprised what a difference investing a few minutes will make on your entire experience of stress: Read more...

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