12 Tips For Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety in various forms and degrees seems to be a wide-spread problem, affecting people of all ages and in every country.
If you are prone to anxiety, you have two options:
A) Give in, and live with it.
B) Learn to overcome it.

By giving in, you will continue to suffer and feel unhappy, stressed and anxious. It is far better to learn to overcome anxiety, or at least weaken its grip over you.
Anxiety wastes your time and energy and weakens you, both mentally and physically. You help no one, and solve no problem by being anxious. Our planet will go on revolving, even if you stop worrying and being anxious.
Always know you have a choice - to give in to anxiety, or to try to overcome anxiety, at least partially.
Here are 12 tips for overcoming anxiety, or at least alleviating it:
1. Lack of control over your thoughts, strengthens your anxiety. As negative thoughts get stronger, your anxiety gets stronger too. You need to learn to control your thoughts.
2. Feelings and emotions fuel and strengthen anxiety. You need to develop some self discipline, and learn to have control over your feelings. You also need to develop some degree of emotional detachment.
3.When you go to bed at night, and first thing when you wake up in the morning, think about the good things that are happening to you. There are always some good things happening, even if small and insignificant.
4. Start the day with several minutes of positive affirmations. Tell yourself how would like your day to be. Use positive, cheering and motivating words.
5. Be busy and do something, since activity keeps your mind off your anxiety. When you wake up in the morning, start doing something right away, and keep busy all day. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes or working in your garden, reading, studying, meditating, or exercising your body can help you keep your mind away from anxiety. Staying idle, and thinking about your problems and worries won't make them go away. Read more...

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