A Simple Self-Improvement Technique

Self-improvement can turn into an enjoyable, rewarding and empowering activity.
Look at the people around you, and watch how they behave.
If you find a trait of character or a certain behavior, which you do not like, examine yourself closely, and as impartially as possible, and find out whether you act or behave in the same way. If you do, then think, how you would like to behave in a similar situation. Then, whenever you have the time, perform mental rehearsals of the new behavior. Visualize yourself in the same situation, but acting in the way you want to behave.
Think often about the importance and advantages of a different, more positive behavior. Tell yourself over and again that you will remember to act differently the next time you are in a situation that triggers the behavior patterns that you want to change.
At the first attempts you will probably forget to act as desired, but keep visualizing and thinking about the new behavior patterns, and you will see how you gradually change. Read more...

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