Determining Your Core Values

What do you believe in?
What really matters to you?
What values help govern how you live your life?
What values do you want to pass on to your children?
We find that most people make decisions according to a few "core values." But many have never taken the time to articulate just what those values are.
If you want to leave a godly legacy, you first must determine what you believe in—what is most important to you. And then you need to evaluate how well you are living according to those values, because your children will learn from your actions and lifestyle more than your words.
For example, if one of your core values is, "My family comes before my job," and they see you consistently working so many hours that you rarely have time to spend with them, they'll conclude that your real core value is, "My work is more important than my family." This project is designed to help you surface what your real core values are.
Complete Part One individually and then interact with your family in Part Two over your answers and develop a core values list together. Read more...

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