How Much Exercise is Enough?

How Much Exercise is Enough?
Dieting may get the scale to start moving, but exercise revs your metabolism. Learn why and find out how much exercise is needed. If one person just cuts calories and someone else just increases the amount of time spent on exercise, who will lose weight first?
The answer–The person who cuts calories will lose weight more quickly, provided they cut out enough calories to get results. But that’s not to say that exercise isn’t an important part of your weight-loss efforts. Although exercise may take longer to show results on the scale people who exercise burn more calories even when they’re at rest and tend to be able to maintain the weight loss. Here’s why cutting calories may give you more immediate results, but exercise is vital for long-term success.
Weight Loss: A Short-Term Fix
Experts recommend that you aim to lose one to two pounds a week to reach your weight- loss goal. Because 3,500 calories equals a pound, you need to create a 500-calorie deficit each day — either by eating fewer calories, burning off the calories with exercise, or a combination of both — to lose one pound by the end of one week. People tend to choose dieting over exercise, and that may be because they see quicker weight-loss results.
Burning 500 calories a day through exercise can be a challenge for some people. Someone who weighs 170 pounds would have to walk for more than an hour — 67 minutes — at four miles per hour to burn 507 calories. Read more...

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