A Healthy Lifestyle For Stress Free Living

Leading a healthy lifestyle has long been something we have all aspired to. We are constantly told what is good for us, what is not, how much of this to eat etc etc, this in itself is stressful.

Unfortunately it’s all true and something we can’t and should not avoid in facing up to.
If we eat bad, drink too much, are over or under weight we will be affecting our long term physical health and causing ourselves more stress on a daily basis.
Stress itself depletes our bodies of important vitamins such as C and B Vitamins and a deficiency in these vitamins can also cause symptoms of anxiety and irritability.
A vicious circle of stress and anxiety is set up and become ever increasingly difficult to stop.

Comfort Foods

how a healthy lifestyle can help reduce stress picture by Mapper Montag
When we are feeling stressed we often turn to food as a way of comforting ourselves. Unfortunately this has the adverse affect of making us put on weight which adds to our low mood and feelings of guilt etc.
Comfort foods or stress relief food should definitely not be a part of a healthy lifestyle, yes you can indulge from time to time, but not on a regular basis.
The comfort foods we mainly turn to are ones which contain:
Salt – we only need about 1g of salt a day, more than this and we risk various health issues including high blood pressure.
Sugar – this gives us a quick energy boost but eaten in excess causes weight gain and tooth decay as well as overworking the adrenal glands in the long term.Read more...

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