Doing Little Things that Make Your Day a Happy Day

Do you sometimes wonder how you can make your day a happier day?
Is there something you would like to do, but never seem to have time for it?
Is your day too boring, and you would like to add some excitement and expectation into it?
Are you so much immersed in work that you forget the small things that could add some happiness into your day?
No matter how busy you might be, you can always find the time to get out of the daily rush and tasks, and do things you enjoy doing. I am not talking about something big, like having a vacation, going abroad, or planning a part at your house.
I am talking about things that are always within your reach, costing little money or none at all.
Doing even just one or two little things a week, inject interest, expectation and fun into your life.
We are so much immersed in our daily activities, that we repeat them every day, and don’t make room for other things. Read more...

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