Yogic Relaxation Technique Relaxation Exercise for Stress Relief

You may have noticed the emphasis I place on doing a period of relaxation after any set of yoga exercises or difficult Kundalini Yoga techniques.  The importance of this relaxation phase should not be underestimated.  During this time, the body and mind get a chance to assimilate the energy and changes that are produced by the yoga exercises, and this opportunity is essential for making the most of the work you have just put in.  There are quite a few relaxation techniques available, but without a doubt the very best relaxation exercise is Yoga Corpse Pose.
Relaxation, of course, has many more benefits that just providing the space for energy assimilation after yoga exercises, and so it is certainly a very valuable skill to own and master for healthy and peaceful living.  To that end, Corpse Pose is great to practice if you are going through a stressful and tense time in your life, are fighting any health issues or if you are simply interested in cultivating a relaxed and peaceful mind and body.
Despite how simple an exercise Corpse Pose might seem and despite thinking that relaxation is a natural state, you will be surprised how difficult this actually can be for people to do.  The habit of endless thinking, worrying, stressing, planning, etc, has become hard to shake in today’s hectic world, thus making the simple and natural state of relaxation hard to access.  Perhaps even enlightenment is easier today to achieve than relaxation .  This is all the more reason that we need to consciously practice relaxation and stress relief, so that we can enjoy the bountiful benefits this blessed state bestows.
For successful relaxation, whether it is via the practice of Corpse Pose or some other technique, breath is going to always be a key component.  Breath can be used to not only signal the mind and body that it’s relaxation time, but it can also be used as a mechanism in relaxation visualization techniques to help promote this state.  Furthermore, by the simple use of the breath, stress relief can be achieved anytime, even when lying on your back and playing dead is not quite appropriate .  So in the practice section below, be sure to pay particular attention to this aspect.

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