11 Most Unbelievable Honey Benefits That Many People Don’t Know

Here are eleven most incredible benefits of honey that many people don’t know. Check how many of them you actually know.

1. Honey is the only sweetener that isn’t man-made and has healing effects.
2. With about 18% water and a pH of 3-4, honey is very stable and can last for literally centuries when stored properly.
3. While empty calories from refined sugar contribute health issues and obesity, honey reduces fatty accumulations in our cardiovascular system.
4. Unlike refined table sugar or sucrose, honey does not ferment in our stomach to pose any danger of bacterial invasion.
5. Honey is a monosaccharide, the simplest form of sugar that cannot be further broken down, passing directly from the small intestine into the blood stream without causing any irritancy to our digestive system as sucrose does.
6. The most ideal fuel for burning our body fat stores during sleep due to its 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose. Read more...

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