Guide to Stress Management - Tips, Techniques and Resources

Stress can have a great negative impact on your physiological as well as psychological wellness. At the same time, in modern life it is nearly impossible to avoid stress completely. Try what ever you may you are bound to feel stressed at one thing or another. It could be something that happened at the workplace, a child not performing well at school, the tiff that you had with your partner and various other such issues. Stress is part of your daily life.

Some Amount of Stress is Inevitable

Trying to remove stress from your life completely is impossible. A certain amount of stress actually helps in maximizing performance in specific situations. During times of stress, the human body reacts by releasing chemicals and other substances to reduce digestive secretions, increase heart beat and contract blood vessels. This state is called by various names like hyper-arousal, the acute stress response or the fight or flight response. These changes are intended to be temporary in nature to handle the stress situation that you are in. The body then needs to revert to its normal relaxed state. It is constant stress that causes the human body to be in a physiologically stressed state for a prolonged period of time &mdash something that can have a significant negative impact on your overall health.

Identify the Cause of Stress

The first thing that you need to understand to be able to manage stress is that stress is an individual experience. This basically means that the situations that cause stress are different for different people. While some people may not get worried about a child not being adept at sports, others may get extremely stressed out about the same. The circumstances that cause stress are based on individual perception and orientation. It is thus incumbent upon you and you alone to manage your stress by yourself.
Since the stress that you are feeling is so individualistic, the first step that you need to take towards managing it is to identify the cause of the stress. This needs a fair amount of introspection so that you can objectively and correctly identify the cause. Denial of a situation is something that needs to be avoided. Fooling yourself into believing that you are not worried about something, while in fact you are, will only make matter worse. Once you have identified the cause, it is also important to understand the various manifestations of the stress. Are you getting irritated with your wife just because your son is not skilled at football? Or do you seem to praise your son's friends excessively who are in the team? Read more...

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