Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Having a stress free holiday!
It’s the beginning of the Holiday season and with the holidays comes   stress. Each year we feel a mix of joy and anxiety when we approach the days   before thanksgiving. The Holidays can bring stress starting in November and   going straight thru till the new year. We feel a mix of stress related to   financial costs of the holidays, family coming to stay and the conflicts it   brings, The stress of being single or newly divorced, the stress of trying to   have the perfect meal and holiday. If your one of those people who feel the   holiday blues, here are a few tips to help you through the stress and anxiety   of the holidays.
1. Remember what the holidays are really about – spending quality time   with family, friends and loved ones. It’s about giving love and joy to others.   Watch your expectations – make sure they are realistic. We try for perfection   at the holidays and we tend to forget what the holidays are really about.   Remind yourself that the holidays are about being close to your loved ones   everything else come second.
2. Take care of you – during the busy holiday season we forget about   ourselves. We worry so much about setting a nice table, buying and cooking the   food, decorating the house, buying the presents, etc. We forget to take a time   out and spend some quiet time alone. Make sure to put yourself on your   priority list and put yourself high up on the list. If we aren’t feeling   mentally, physically and emotional healthy, how we will be able to have a good   holiday. The more time you put aside for you the healthier and happier you   will feel this holiday season. Read more...
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