Love yourself First

8 ways to love yourself first
1. Be aware of your “Self-talk”- do you have that negative   download playing in your head constantly? The negative mental chatter that   says: your no good, I’m not worthy, that will never happen to   me.
Be aware of your thoughts and how your feeling. Try the snap 2  awareness technique. Wear a rubber band for a day and snap every time you have   a negative thought or comment. You might be surprised on how many snaps you   have by the end of the day but it will remind you of how negative we can   be.
2. Commit to change – know that changing your thoughts will   change your actions and that will be scary. It will be the unknown. Counteract   that fear by making a commitment to yourself that no matter what your feeling   you will continue to work through the changes.
3. Start with positive affirmations – after you become   self-aware, think about the negative thoughts your having and what changes you   want to make. Make a positive affirmation that represents that   change.
So, if your trying to live a healthy lifestyle instead of saying   negative comments like I’m fat, I can’t lose weight, change it to: I’m   healthy, I love living a healthy lifestyle, etc.
A positive affirmation takes the negative thought (which is usually irrational) and trades it in for a positive(more rational) thought.   You constantly reaffirm the positive by saying it through the day, everyday.   It rewires your brain for the positive. Read more...

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