Positive Thinking - The Good Word

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…

Affirmations are powerful declarations that can transform your behaviour, attitude and nature. Affirmations help you to realize your highest potential. They are the easy path to self-realisation.
Even as a youngster reading through the unfathomable mystery of the Bible, these lines quoted earlier would spring out at me and grip my imagination. Mystical and mysterious they may have been but I sensed in them a strange power. I repeated them frequently and wondered what they meant.

But then I am a writer. Words are my stock in trade and since my very childhood they have fascinated and entranced me. The sound of words, the images they summon up, the emotions they arouse, the worlds they open up for me have held me in thrall all my life.

How apt then, that my spiritual journey began with the word and has all through been strengthened and assisted by its potent magic. In the form of affirmations, it has been the indispensable third part of my path. The first two are awareness and acceptance. While these two have been deconditioning me, affirmations assist in reconditioning me, or, as I now recognize, in transforming me.

It is only of late that I have begun recognizing the invaluable role of affirmations in my life. I see it as a tool that can change even the most recalcitrant. It is the common man's route to transformation.

Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, corroborates this view. In his fascinating book, Japa Yoga, he writes, "In this Kali yug, japa alone is the easy way to the realisation of God."

Not all of us can meditate. Not all of us have the discipline to do spiritual practice every day. Certainly I didn't. But all of us can repeat a few words to ourselves. And from my own experience, I can testify that it is not even required to concentrate upon the words. You can mumble them even when your mind is racing like a horse. You can chant them absentmindedly. Just say them. Of course, the more force and intention you put in them the quicker they manifest. But the results will come as long as you persist, no matter how desultory your utterance. JUST DON'T GIVE UP! Read more....

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