5 Timeless Brands Delighting Generations

They say age is only a number. Some brands are truly living this ageless saga, still holding their grounds in market as strong as they could. These are these time tested brands that have done more than fulfilling their destiny and splendidly delighted their makers and their takers timelessly.

#1  Parle G


Recognized by its iconic white and yellow wrapper featuring a young child, Parle G is a part of everyone’s memories and stories. The brand has a glorious legacy. Introduced back in 1939 as a substitute for British biscuits, today 4,551 biscuits are consumed every second around the country. The Ville Parle Factory in Mumbai Suburbs, the first production site, was recently shut down breaking hearts of local cookie mongers and passerby’s. But it has in no way affected either the ever rising demand or the capability of Parle to serve. The Brand Trust Report ranked Parle-G as the 58 th most trusted brand of India in 2016.

#2   Dabur


Waging a war against epidemics like cholera, malaria, dengue, plgue et all. Dr S K Burman, a physician from Bengal , prepared  ayurvedic, organic cures to dispense among the poor and needy. In 1884 Daktar Burman , as fondly called by his patients, started to enterprise his products from a small house in Calcutta under the brand name of Dabur (from DAktar BURman). Today a 130 years later Dabur continues to hold its prominence in Indian & international markets.

#3 Britannia


The company was established in 1892 as a biscuit manufacturer, with a capital of merely Rs. 265. High demand of biscuits during the World War II gave a strong boost to the company’s sales. Today the company holds a staggering turn over of around  Rs. 7,000 Crore and continues to savor taste buds with its Marie, Tiger , Good Day, 50-50 , Milk Bikies.

#4 Rooh Afza 


No faluda is complete without a dash of Roohafza. RoohAfza like many other delicious delicacies has traveled from the streets of old delhi to the hearts of millions. The formula was developed by Hakeem Hafiz Majeed, a Unani practitioner and was marketed along with various other products under the banner of Hamdard since 1907. One of his Sons moved to Pakistan after partition and re-established the Hamdard brand from scratch. Today Rohafza is as loved in Pakistan as in India.

#5 Vadilal 


Started as a small soda fountain outlet in Ahmdabad by Vadilal Gandhi, Vadilal today is India’s second largest Ice cream maker. The makers experimented with different flavors and techniques to create authentic taste and experiences for its consumers. The company has well leveraged its brand strength and diversified into the frozen food category. Since its inception in 1907, the brand has traveled four generations.

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