So you forgot to wrap up a pretty necklace or order flowers or for your Valentine! Don’t you worry here’s a list of some very convenient V-day gifts readily available at any grocery outlet to save yourself from her last minute fury! These may not be unique but say a lot about your love when presented with the right context.

1.     Chocolates

Universally accepted as the happiness mantra, chocolates convey a lot more than love. You can Gift your love a box of assorted chocolates ranging from Hershey to Cadbury’s to Snickers. You may add a little context to it with a twisted message from Forrest Gump: “Life with you is like a box of chocolates. You never Know how much love you get” and get them to fall in love with you all over again.  Simple isn’t it?

2.     Coffee

Whether your love is an expresso fan or a cappuccino addict or loves to get high on tropical icebergs or Irish coffee this is the perfect gift that gets you through. You can present a coffee hamper along with personalized coffee mugs (in case available). Add a little sugar n the top with a tag “Coffee and love are when they are Hot! Happy Valentine’s my Hotness!

3.     Ice Creams

Melt hearts with this “Swirl of Love”. This proverbial melt in the mouth, melt hearts gift is sure to get your love’s heart jumping. You can gift Valentine’s special gourmet flavors like Red Velvet ice cream, blueberry, cheese-cake, choco chip or stick to the traditional range of fruit ice creams. Another innovative variation is the deliciously yours irresistible Ice Cream cakes which are nothing less than heaven in your mouth.

4.     Green Tea

In many Asian cultures including Japan, Green tea is often presented as a gift to celebrate special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or weddings, or to send wishes of good health and long life to friends, family, and professional colleagues. You too can gift some Organic love this Valentine. Might seem like a dull idea but imagine tagging your Green Tea Hamper with the message coz I want our Love to remain Green, Pure and healthy forever!

5.     Goodies Basket

This one is the most customizable option available on extremely short notice. Simply pick up a gifting basket and walk around your grocery stores’ aisles and throw in all her favorite junk- Some Maggie, some Oreo Cookies, Chocolates, some munchies like fun flips, Hully Gully, Pringles, Some  Sour Punk & other candies, couple of Flavored Yogurt packs, Nachos, Salsa dip and Wolah your Valentine’s Goodie Back is all set!

If you are too tired or under extreme time pressure to grab these items, you may sop online from your preferred neighborhood shop via the Aaramshop web or app and Get your items home delivered!

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